Why is email verification essential for your business ?

When running email marketing campaigns, email verification is essential to protect your goals. By eliminating fake accounts, typos, and temporary accounts from your list, email verification plays a key role in maintaining the quality of your list. This saves you the risk of having your emails rejected or landing in spam due to unreliable data. Discover the importance of this email verification step to ensure the success of your campaigns.

The importance of email verification

Email verification is critically important for maintaining your sender score. The latter plays a key role in your email deliverability rate, influencing whether ISPs decide whether to route your emails to inboxes or through spam filters. You can learn more about Email Checker and Verification Tools by visiting the website.

Here are some of the top reasons why email verification is so important to your sender score :

Minimize unwanted bounces

Eliminating hard bounces is essential to maintaining an optimal sender score. These bounces usually occur when email addresses are nonexistent, often due to typos, wrong addresses, or closed accounts. It is recommended that you regularly clean your email list to detect and remove invalid email addresses before running your next campaign, to prevent these accounts from generating unwanted bounces.

Reduce spam signals

Ideally, aim for a spam reporting rate of less than 0.1%. This means that there should be no more than five spam flags for every five thousand emails sent. To achieve this goal, it is imperative to send quality content to subscribers who are genuinely interested in your mailings. You can use tools to identify users’ email accounts that may be reporting emails as spam.

being placed on blacklists

Being blacklisted can seriously harm your sender score, preventing your messages from reaching your recipients’ inboxes. It is essential to acquire source data from reliable sources and to regularly check your email address list to minimize the risk of blacklisting.

How does email validation work ?

Email verification works by allowing you to keep your email list data as clean as possible to get the best results. To do this, use the following strategies :

Select your data sources wisely

It is crucial to understand that the quality of data varies greatly depending on its source. When choosing partners to collaborate with, be sure to evaluate the quality of the data they provide. Avoid dealing with data brokers, as they tend to offer revenue data multiple times, which can hurt your ability to get results from your subscribers.

Maintain hygiene of your mailing list

The best way to eliminate low-quality leads upon collection is to use real-time email verification. This approach prevents incorrect or erroneous contact data from being included in your list, which can cause problems. Immediate lead verification protects you from scammers and spambots that might infiltrate your email list. It is also recommended to clean out your email list at least once a quarter to eliminate inactive emails.

Eliminate disengaged subscribers

Review your email list regularly to remove subscribers who show no interest in your content. While deleting data you’ve worked hard to create can be difficult, unengaged subscribers can be more trouble than they’re worth. Remove users who haven’t opened one of your emails in the last three months to reduce the risk of bounces and spam signals.

How does email verification work and how to use a verification system ?

Verifying an email address relies on the use of validation methods and algorithms. This process makes it possible to estimate the authenticity of an email address. Once email address verification is complete, invalid or inactive addresses are identified and may be removed from the mailing list. This results in the creation of a clean email list, ready to be used for sales and marketing purposes.

Email address validation systems are generally user-friendly. You start uploading your email list to the verification platform. Once verified, you receive a detailed report on the email addresses on your list, including those that are incorrect, nonexistent, or inactive. Some systems allow you to check your entire list, while others focus on a representative sample.

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