What tools make it easy to clean your email lists ?

Effectively managing your email distribution lists is crucial to maintaining relevant communication and avoiding common message deliverability pitfalls. Uncleaned mailing lists may contain outdated addresses, spam traps, and other unwanted elements that hinder the ability of your emails to reach their destination. Fortunately, there are powerful tools designed to simplify the process of cleaning your email lists, ensuring greater efficiency and targeted communication.


Mailnjoy is an exclusively French company that offers a powerful and intuitive tool to meet current e-mailing needs. Their SaaS platform, called Check®, offers various methods of email address validation, providing reliable and detailed results. With this tool you can proceed with Quick & Easy Scrubbing Of All Your Email Lists. Additionally, it goes beyond simple validation by assessing the business value of email addresses.

Before you clean your lists, you have the option to benefit from a free predictive preview, allowing you to only clean the lists that need it most. The cost beyond the 200 free trial credits is very competitive, and Mailnjoy has a support team close to its customers.

Mailnjoy offers different rates depending on the number of email addresses to check, with very attractive prices. For example, the first plan with 1,000 credits is sold at €4 excluding tax, while the plan for large accounts with 1,000,000 credits is sold at €450 excluding tax.


CaptainVerify is a solution for verifying French email addresses and mobile phone numbers, specially designed to complement your SMS marketing tools. This platform performs bulk analysis and validation of email addresses using technologies such as MX, DNS, and SMTP to determine their validity.

The benefits of Captain Verify include invalid address detection, duplicate removal, hardbounce handling, spamtrap and honeypot recognition. Data security is a priority, and no email addresses are shared with third parties. Additionally, Captain Verify provides detailed statistics on the quality of your database.

To facilitate access to its services, Captain Verify offers a free tool called Mail Tester, allowing quick verification of email addresses. Prices for checking email databases start from €7 excluding tax for 1,000 email addresses, with decreasing rates depending on the volume of your database.


With Emailable, you can find out the quality of your email address list for free before purchasing the service. Which can already give you a good idea of your deliverability. DataValidation offers an API and connectors to facilitate integration with your emailing software and allows for real-time verifications when you add emails to your list.

You can also, of course, carry out verification tests on your entire list whenever you want. The DataValidation user interface is quite quick to learn and does not require any technical skills. Like almost all email address cleaning tools, DataValidation is a SaaS. Emailable also offers credits that allow you to check your email databases from €30 for 5,000 credits.


Klemail is a solution similar to DataValidation, offering an API to easily integrate the tool into your email solution or website. Klemail is entirely available in French. Just like its competitors, the main objective of this tool is to check the validity of your email addresses and identify those that are invalid.

Klemail stands out by offering an additional functionality : the ability to find a correct email address from an incorrect address. This feature allows you, for example, to correct syntax and domain errors, thus transforming addresses like “@yahooo.fr” into “@yahoo.fr”, for example. An asset of Klemail lies in its reporting tool, which provides clear and exhaustive statistics on the quality of your email address list.

Additionally, Klemail offers a free, full-featured option for up to 150 checks. Klemail prices are then based on the number of checks and are decreasing depending on volume.

Email Verifier

Email Verifier is an online software (SaaS) of New Zealand origin which is aimed at both small businesses and larger ones (from 1,000 emails to 100 million !). The tool uses a wide range of techniques to check the validity of email addresses and therefore constitutes one of the major references in the field.

Email Verifier perhaps stands out from its competitors with an ultra-simple, all-in-one verification process. All you have to do is upload your list of email addresses to the tool, which carries out the verification in a few minutes. Then all that remains is to download your cleaned email list. Email Verifier has a free offer for up to 100 verifications. Then, prices start from $5 for 500 emails and are decreasing.